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Braves at Cardinals


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Friday - May 24th - 8:15 PM - Fox Sports Southeast, MLB Network (out-of-market)

  • Mike Foltynewicz (0-3, 6.91) vs. Miles Mikolas (4-4, 4.88)

Saturday - May 25th - 7:15 PM - Fox (National broadcast)

  • Mike Soroka (5-1, 1.01) vs. Dakota Hudson (3-3, 4.40)

Sunday - May 26th - 7:05 PM - ESPN (National broadcast)

  • Julio Teheran (3-4, 3.67) vs. Jack Flaherty (4-3, 4.19)
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6 hours ago, oztin said:

If CYROYka goes 7 or 8 again will he finally qualify for MLB stats 

Soroka has pitched 44 2/3 innings 

The Braves have played in 51 games 28-23
They will be playing game 53 on Saturday so he needs to pitch 8 1/3 innings. Which of course will only qualify him for one day until his next start. 

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8 hours ago, Unkn0wn said:

Braves expect to be awarded the 2021 All Star game next week. 

175px-1972MLBAllStarGameLogo.pngThat's cool hosted it 3 times since 72 in 3 different stadiums in Atlanta. Went to the 72 game thanks Dad (RIP) hooked this 7 year old on baseball. Aaron homered in the 6th  to give the NL the lead. Wiki The home run hit by Hank Aaron was the last one in an All-Star Game by a player from the host team for 25 years. This did not happen again until Sandy Alomar, Jr. of the Cleveland Indians homered at Jacobs Field in the 1997 All-Star Game. Wiki. Also from WIKI Nate Colbert, who scored the winning run, brought the wrong uniform with him to Atlanta. The San Diego Padres' slugger donned his road jersey with SAN DIEGO on it instead of his home one with PADRES on it. Both of San Diego's jerseys in 1972 were gold. Seven days after the All-Star Game, Colbert racked up 13 RBI in a doubleheader vs. the Braves in the same stadium, setting a Major League record for a twinbill which was tied in 1993 by Mark Whiten for the St. Louis Cardinals.


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3 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I was there in myrtle beach for a week....and I got every game...

**** dawg.....we got cha....or do game cast on ESPN.....


I just stream off reddit but was hoping to actually sit on a couch instead of at a desk haha

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