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Game of thrones should do a prequel

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I hate prequels (Except for star wars). But GOT really needs one.  Anyhow here's my way it should happen.....


I think GOT should do a prequel which shows how the white walkers came to be.  And it has Daenerys father as the king. Then the last season he dies (death of the fire king). Which then he comes back as the white Walker.  Which then explains why he wanted children (so he could save the world from the wicked). 

It would definitely make an epic prequel. Which would then explain Daenerys was destined to become the Queen night Walker, due to the fact the kingdoms do not like her way of breaking the wheel and giving freedom.

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4 minutes ago, AF89 said:

Actually in the books Dany's great great grandfather was Jaehaerys Skywalker and it's pretty integral to truly understanding the story, I wish HBO had included it

Skywalker? Besides the star wars name lol. It would be more a possibility of it showing them become the white walkers.  


Also does the books explain anything about the white walkers? 

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Considering that the series is a collection of unnecessary exposition.  You could probably tell the entire 5000 page story in one book if you were following the Edgar Allen Poe philosophy of no wasted words.   So, why not make a bunch of spin offs that tell stories that have no overall point.  At least in the older kingdoms there were more dragons.

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