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Report: Falcons have at least ‘some interest’ in free agent DT Gerald McCoy

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Report : athell has at least "some interest" in Kate Beckinsale.

The FO should finalize Garrett's and Julio's contracts and free up the money to bring'em home. He could be the last key piece of the defensive puzzle for us.

lol @Vandy Also, in regards to the OP, just heard on NFL Live that McCoy stated he expects to know where he is going within the next 72 hours. Fingers crossed!

6 minutes ago, papachaz said:

but athell has it sidetracked with his similar/unlikely wishes for Kate Beckinsale, so yeah, this one has merit for keeping alive :lol:

Hawks have a better chance of signing Kevin Durant and Klayton Thompson in the offseason than @athell has of smelling Kate Beckinsdale’s underwear.

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9 hours ago, HouseofEuphoria said:

1. Championships aren't won on paper, but that paper looks a helluva lot better with McCoy's name on it. Quinn and TD "know it is about THIS season."

2. Disagree. Jarrett has a long way to go to match McCoys resume'.

3. I don't think it would. Jarrett wants the bank. Somebodys gotta go after this season, we got alot of great players to resign. 

McCoy instead of Grady looks better on paper?

He doesn't have the resume of McCoy but right now he's a better player in every facet. 

I agree there are a lot of tough decisions coming up, but I don't think Grady will be one of them. Sanu, Trufant, Freeman are obvious cap casualties following this season. Mack is potentially another but harder to replace. Devondre Campbell I think is unlikely to be retained. The 2 guards we just signed and Ty Sambrailo have 'outs' built into their contracts. Who knows what happens with Vic Beasley.

Grady, Debo and Neal are the spine of this defense and should be prioritised imo.

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