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Report: Falcons have at least ‘some interest’ in free agent DT Gerald McCoy

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Report : athell has at least "some interest" in Kate Beckinsale.

The FO should finalize Garrett's and Julio's contracts and free up the money to bring'em home. He could be the last key piece of the defensive puzzle for us.

lol @Vandy Also, in regards to the OP, just heard on NFL Live that McCoy stated he expects to know where he is going within the next 72 hours. Fingers crossed!

Aino way McCoy comes here. You can make a case that we would be last priority on that list of teams. 

- Colts got tons of $ to throw at him and he is up there in age. They also had a good year last year so they could make a deep playoff run

- Saints were a missed call from the SB last year

- The Browns have tons of $ and have added a lot of talent to their team so they could be one of the better teams in the league. 

- We have very little money and just came off a 7-9 season

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2 hours ago, athell said:

lol @Vandy

Also, in regards to the OP, just heard on NFL Live that McCoy stated he expects to know where he is going within the next 72 hours.

Fingers crossed!

Hopefully that means that he knows where he is going, but hasn't signed with anyone (unless the Falcons can move some money around.).  Hopefully he can wait until after June 1 to sign.


Also, he seems to be a fan of Matt Ryan so maybe McCoy will want to be on the same team as him



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32 minutes ago, The Legendary SB said:

I'm sure McCoy would love to have some revenge against his former team and the best means to do that is via another NFC South team.  So Falcons and Saints are showing interest.  Brees has one foot out the door towards retirement with no suitable replacement so why choose them?

Because it's a one year deal more than likely. So that won't bother him.

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5 hours ago, mountain_jim3 said:

72 hours is not enough time to get Ryan Schraeder money back, so not a good thing to hear for Atlanta chances.

Julio’s extension could be finalized as they have been talking for a longtime. That move will give the Falcons enough juice to go after him. So, if TD needs to make a move, he will go expedite the extension with Julio. 

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7 hours ago, ki46dinah said:

Question about taxes....when a guy is getting his paycheck from a team in a tax friendly state(Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Washington) for income, do they get taxed on income in that state only?

I would ever look to play in New York or New England or Cali then.

Nope.....they have to pay tax in every state they play. 

But if their home games are in Cali, half their income is taxed at that state’s highest rate  + highest  federal rate will put their overall marginal tax rate at close to 50%.

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I don't really get into all the "bring him home" stuff here, but if the Falcons grab McCoy, that would add an entire letter grade to the draft. A 31-year old savvy vet with gas left in the tank would be perfect for the interior line. Especially poaching him from a divisional rival.

Fingers crossed.

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NFL.com's Mike Garofolo reports free agent Gerald McCoy will visit the Browns on Friday.

Browns GM John Dorsey has since confirmed the visit, McCoy's first. Per Garofolo, the Bengals and Panthers are also interested, joining the Falcons, Patriots, Colts and Saints as linked teams. Per the Cleveland Plain Dealer, McCoy himself has interest in the Ravens. Players often do not escape their first visit without a deal, so the Browns are in the driver's seat for the former All-Pro's services.

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