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I would rather Suh be on the Bucs than on the Rams.

We face the latter in week 7 and possibly in the playoffs but do not face the former until late in the year (week 12,17) and they are not a playoff team with Winston as QB.

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22 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

Be interesting to see what Arians does with him.

Dont be sleeping on the Bucs this year they’ll improve.

Their defense has been and will continue to be trash.  Bowles cannot even fix that mess.

Jameis is a turnover machine.

They have zero running game.

I have been caught by the "don't sleep on Tampa" narrative too many times.  If you need me I'll be passed out in the corner until further time.

Suh notoriously took the regular season off and didn't actually start playing until the playoffs.  How's that gonna work for the Bucs?

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