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2020 Recruiting Update top classes by average

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Yes it's only May, but this just goes to show the quality UGA has with just 10 commits.  Clemson has 5 x 5 stars right now.  UGA has a chance to have up to 9 x 5 stars.  Top class by average is really the best indicator especially early on regarding a class.  

2020 Recruiting Update: May • Top Classes by Average

1 Clemson



4 Nebraska

5 Ohio St

6 Texas

7 Alabama

8 A&M

9 Oregon

10 S. Carolina

11 OU

12 Stanford

13 ND

14 Florida

15 PSU

16 Kentucky

17 FSU

18 Miami

19 Michigan

20 Wisconsin

21 USC

22 Auburn

23 Tenn

24 UW

25 TCU


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All anyone should really care about is top class by average because that measures the best you can do for the spots you got.

I am no recruiting expert like many of you but enjoy it.  From my viewpoint, I would be more interested in every class’ best 20 players.  I know some classes are under 20 and some pushing 30.

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