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Falcons Throwback Thursday: Remembering former DE John Abraham

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“After gaining a reputation around the league as a dominant pass rusher, the New York Jets traded John Abraham to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for their 29th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.”

Author sounds as clueless as usual media guys. IIRC Atlanta had 15th over all pick and they offered second round pick to Jets. But, Seattle offered their first round 31 pick for Abraham. Falcons traded down to 29 with Denver who wanted to trade up and grab cutler. Falcons got two second round picks from Denver and John Abraham. That was a pretty good trade for Falcons. 

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He was easily my favourite Falcon when he was here, I still own his jersey and wear the retro on game days. Now and again I'll peep those highlights.... him bull rushing Jake Long then sacking Chad Pennington was incredible lol. He was so good at getting turnovers too, underappreciated part of his game. 

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26 minutes ago, Summerhill said:

Kind of funny to think how as GM of the Bucs Rich McKay traded the #13 pick in the draft for Keyshawn Johnson, the Jets used that pick on Abraham, and then McKay later traded for Abraham. He got his pick back. 

Yeah. Falcons got Abe and Jets selected Mangold with 29th pick in 2006. Mangold anchored that line with multiple all pro and pro bowl seasons. Denver got the short end of the stick with giving up lot to move for Cutler.

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