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My GF is at the game and she was the one who came up with the ball.

This isn’t directed at you but that’s some straight BS by Snitker and the organization to manage Minters fragile psyche. Seriously? 1/4 of the season almost gone and we’re talking about Spring Trainin

Here's the best thing about Soroka. After 29 2/3 innings, he has a WHIP of 1.04. 

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6 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

Yeah,, She is a teacher so she is going to   show the clip to her students... She called me last night and you could tell that her adrenaline was still going. She was surprised at just how many Brave fans there were  there last night.

Awesome!! That is great that she is a teacher!! Admirable career!!

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3 minutes ago, usmcdirtybird said:

Julio is pitching great now but when we need him.  He fails.  I do not have stats.  I just trust my eyes.  Also, it is about them leaving after the season.  It is just my feeling.  

I’m with you on that.  Not in a vicious way, but it seems like when he rights the ship, he gets killed and the process starts again.

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Just now, TheTrue7 said:

Great job getting out of that! Pitch count up there already.. looks like Newk may get some work today

I doubt Newcomb would be available to pitch too much today if any. He pitched back-to-back days on Thursday and Friday and I heard on the radio where it was the first time in his professional career he had ever pitched on 2 straight days.

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