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Falcons Rookie chooses compassion over hate for his brothers killer!

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1 minute ago, Falconsin2012 said:

Little consolation but I’m glad glad he is locked up.  Death penalty would seem a better punishment

He caught someone breaking into his car who ran - so he shot at him just as my baby came around the corner, therefore no death penalty - just life.  He spends his life in prison and my baby never got to finish growing up, never fell in love, never got married, never had children - never lived to be seventeen.   I'm sorry but I can't forgive that no matter how I try.   

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3 hours ago, Tandy said:

It is.  Every day it is.   So, I can truly understand what a monumental task it is to forgive when the hurt is so deep that it becomes a part of you.  Bless his heart.

There's no way I can imagine my friend. I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers Friend.

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2 hours ago, FalconBlood said:

Forgiveness is one of the best super powers humans possess.

Many times for lesser offenses we can choose to forgive others, but then there are harms done so egregious, deeply painful, the forgiveness has to come from a higher Source, and even then it’s hard to access.

I had a harm done to me that I personally was unable to forgive. I had to access a higher Source to get it and even that took years.


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18 hours ago, Tandy said:

He's a better person than I am.   I have tried everything to forgive the man who shot my son and took his life.   Every time I try, I see him there on that table and I can't.    Maybe someday I will have what it takes to forgive him.   I want to.  I know it would be better for me and I know my son would want me to - but I just can't.

This story touched me deeply - and I pray for them.   I pray for his father to find it in his heart to do what I can't just as I pray that someday I can find it in my heart to forgive.

Losing a child is what I understand to be the hardest thing to overcome of anything, especially when it was a senseless act like like that. I can’t imagine, I doubt anyone could unless they themselves experienced it, that level of loss and pain. 

Good bless you Tandy

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I'll be cheering for you extra hard and praying for you. You are an inspiration for others. You chose love over hate.

Tandy so sorry for your loss. We all must forgive to be forgiven. I hope you and any other who has lost a loved one look no further than Qadree as inspiration to be able to forgive and God will replace everything you lost if you turn it over to him.

God never said we wouldn't have unfair situations or that we wouldn't experience loss.  But he promised if we would stay in faith, he would restore everything that was stolen.

Joel Osteen 

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