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Who Cares What A Fan Would Want? More On Ryan And The OL.

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I like a lot of what Logan said in the rundown. I like the picks for the O-line. That was the biggest weakness of this team. I said after the 2018 season the O-Line was the biggest need. Yes the D-line needs improvement. I see them looking for some help on the D-line after cuts just before the season starts. They could not fix all the problems with one draft. Love the picks as they address so many positions that had to be filled, O-line, CB, RB, Oh and one of my favorite a frigging Kick Returner!!

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That guy annoys the duck out of me.  Trying to convince us the FO had to invest in Offense early the last two drafts and 2011 because  Ryan is a system QB?  Then he doubles down saying Brady is a system QB.  They all play in a system..

Epic fail...could care less about the rest of the video cause I turned it off


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