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It got tagged out trying to steal second last night.

Braves have 3 games where the SP didnt walk anyone this year. All 3 belong to Fried.

Jerry Blevins was the missing link But it could also be related to the fact theres no Biddle and Snitker is leaning more on Tomlin, Jackson and Webb

8 minutes ago, VoiceofReason95 said:

This whole game isn't on Folty but I think it's pretty clear that until he has his 2018 slider, he will not be Folty as his other secondaries are nowhere near that and he's not a guy that "pitches".

He had his 2018 slider in his 1st start but he didn't have it today. Also, the whole "he doesn't pitch" thing isn't true. Him getting all these early outs in both starts makes that statement false. He got all those early outs because he was pitching and not just throwing like he had previously done. He just got rattled today in that 5th inning and couldn't stop it. That is the main issue with him. Once he gets rattled he's done. He's not gonna calm down and limit the damage. Brian Snitker left him in the game way too long!

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1 minute ago, VoiceofReason95 said:

I'm also not here as much but I have other places to chat at. Fried was awesome yesterday. Soroka too. Ultimately two starts isn't enough to write a season book on Folty.

Oh it's not you lol. There is one poster in particular who is never here when we win, but the moment we lose a game, he is here spelling doom and gloom. 

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Burn the tape from this game outside of the inning Culberson pitched. The rest of the series was a good series played, in the other game that was lost, the team just got Paddack'd by a guy that could be a stud pitcher really soon. Hopefully that part of the series is more indicative of the team coming out of the slump because after the Marlins, most of the rest of the month is a bear and if you don't buckle down, this team really could be a 4th place'r. 

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