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We need to take care of business tomorrow and then this weekend. The Nats and Phillies play this weekend, so there is an opportunity to gain ground on Philly or put some distance between us and the Nats.

If our pen does add some outside help soon (still think we need it), we are going to be in this thing. I'm not so sure Philly isn't going to have issues down the stretch in their locker room. 

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It got tagged out trying to steal second last night.

Braves have 3 games where the SP didnt walk anyone this year. All 3 belong to Fried.

Jerry Blevins was the missing link But it could also be related to the fact theres no Biddle and Snitker is leaning more on Tomlin, Jackson and Webb

Hopefully Kimbrel won't sign with anyone and we can get him the day after the draft so we won't lose the draft pick and slot money.   Something tells me we already have a verbal agreement with him.   I'd give him 3 years at $12-$13M per if he will wait until then.   Maybe wishful thinking, but.....

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1 hour ago, The Kingfish said:

Well he almost made it until the end of April before the injury bug bit him.


Fortunately this seems to be a very minor injury that we are just being super cautious with. His average isn't quite what we want, but he is getting on base. His OBP is higher than it was in his MVP season, so he is doing something right.

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