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Three years ago this wouldn't have worked

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Three years ago this grand of an overhaul for one position in a single offseason wouldn'thave worked for the Falcons. Let me explain....

Not because I didn't think we needed a better OL

Not because I didn't think we needed to protect Matt Ryan at all cost.

But because in all my love for Matt Ryan he would have moments of inconsistency that would let me know we needed a more complete team around him to win a SB. 

But since 2016, Matt Ryan has been the most consistent and dialed in that I've ever seen him. This has without a doubt been his best 3 consecutive seasons ever and that's been with or without an OL that can protect him.

I personally think last year was his best year yet and for me now looking back that makes it easier to say "Matt take us to the promise land."

As always it takes a team to win and defense wins championships, but now more than anytime in his career Matt can put the team on his shoulders (whatever that means ;)) with the best of them. And giving him an OL that can keep him upright and allow him to do it is our quickest path to success.

Go Falcons!

What do you guys think? Do you think Matt could have lifted us up prior to 2016? Do you think these are Matt's best 3 seasons in his career? Do you think this is the mindset of the Falcons? Did 2018 prove this to us above all of Maty Ryan's years?

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3 years ago we didn't have the ability to focus on one area. Had too many needs.

Fix the OL and let DQ coach up the talent we've since drafted on that side of the ball. Roster is SB caliber. Different than when DQ first arrived.

Way less about Matt and way more about the overall roster and coaching.

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I’ll say that I believe the OL is severely upgraded and that the run defense is also better now. The offense will be able to do whatever they want; whether that’s pound the ball clock control style or an offensive onslaught through the air. Matt, the revamped line, the amount of talent in our skill players, and the additions of DK and MM will have our offense ready. Keanu coming back, Hageman, Davison, Senat year 2 will improve our run defense. 

My biggest X Factors for this season are these 2 guys: Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley. No, these aren’t the only pass rushers on the team, but I believe that their level of play is what would take this team’s ceiling to another level. 2 former first round picks who are supposed to be the lead-dogs against the pass but have been underwhelming. 

Vic and Takk (hopefully) becoming the alpha dogs against the pass like we’ve hoped, with Grady/Jack/Clay/Means supporting them, is what would elevate us like no other. Easier said than done. Time to show out or shut up. 

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Watching Rams games this year, I was amazed how much time Goff had to make his throws. I think that makes him appear much better than he is.

Ryan is the opposite. The constant pressure makes people think he is not as good as he really is. Hopefully, Ryan will have all day to find his targets this year

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