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My thoughts on each pick in the draft.


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I'm only posting there here because it was a response to another thread. There were a couple of picks we made considering player left on the board and where we picked them that confused me. This is not a complaint I was just wondering thoughts of others on these picks in case there was something I was missing. You will know the picks I am referring to if you read the post.


Having time to think and study the draft I disagree with most of this. Lindstrom is in no way a D-. Because we took him so early you could make an argument for B-. Still I would probably give it a B to B+ based on everything including draft position. Easily the best OG in the draft and can play center.

While I am never a fan of trading up I prefer stock piling picks. If you have a draft plan and a specific target then do what you must. I may not like the entire plan I like McGary as a player. If they were set on drafting him with their 2nd pick they had reasons the rest of us will probably never know. No way with seeing how the picks come off the board did he have a chance of making it to us in the 2nd though. McGary for where we took him would be an A or B+. As far as what we had to give up to get there? Ask me in 3 years.

Kendall Sheffield is my first serious question in this draft. He is long on athletic ability with next to no production. He is not physical or instinctive. He does good when stuff is in front of him. I have been wondering if they may see how he does at safety. As I think he will play his best football keeping things in front of him and reacting to it. All that athletic ability should have translated into more production if his head was into it. I would give it a C- based on where we drafted him his college production and what was still left on the board.

John Cominsky may be the most difficult to grade. Out of all the legitimate 4-3 ends left on the board he probably has the most untapped potential. He is a bit of a project but has the tools that he may get there with some coaching. Still considering some still left on the board I would have to give it a C+ to a B.

Qadree Ollison This one I pretty much agree with. He should have been undrafted based on what we have seen from him so far. Not to mention he leads me to believe we are going to change our running game and maybe feature some more power sets. In which case we would need a FB I think.

Jordan Miller another one I pretty much agree with. He has some tools just needs some bulk and strength. He could contribute some at CB.

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