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Sanu is staying that's why we didn't draft a wr

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2 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Why get rid of him? He is still very valuable, not old, and pretty cost effective considering what other similar receivers are making.

We were never going to cut sanu this offseason. This all started from one article in December or January that had him as a cut candidate only because of his salary, not a lack of performance. Falcons aren’t that stupid.

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8 minutes ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

Sanu was never going anywhere this year. He is way to impotant to the run game, and 3rd down passing game. We sure as **** wouldnt have replaced him with a mid round rookie if we were.

Yeah, unless we somehow spent a first on a WR again, this draft had nothing to do with Sanu's future anyways.  He's going to be here one more year and a midrounder wasn't going to change that.

However, the fact that we invested a first at WR last year who looked great is a much bigger factor in how we're allocating our resources.  If there's a discussion, that's where it should be focused, not this draft

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