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John cominsky


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The one-time option quarterback should be able to impress with his athletic testing during postseason workouts, but he still needs to keep adding play strength to be ready to handle NFL offensive linemen. Cominsky is built like a 3-4 defensive end and flashes potential to handle those types of run duties down the road. However, without more threat as a pass rusher, his NFL potential could be limited.


  • Looks the part
  • Continued to grind away in weight room, filling out frame from 218 to 285 during time at Charleston
  • Ran verified 4.68-second 40 in spring, which is on par with NFL middle linebackers
  • Praised for his work to become more cerebral in his approach
  • Plays with desired aggression in field demeanor
  • Disruptive run defender who uses force to help post impressive tackle for loss totals
  • Adequate initial get-off
  • Flashes upper-body turn to work around the edge of blocker
  • Plus closing burst to the quarterback as rusher
  • Very average as pass rush talent
  • Too upright into his rush, allowing blockers to slow his charge with well-timed punch
  • Pass rush based on force over angles and hand usage
  • Hasn't learned to work hands and feet in unison to disable blocker's initial punch
  • Takes longer than expected to generate full arm extension after punch
  • Has physical traits as two-gapper but isn't quite there yet
  • Didn't face severe physical challenges at his level of competition.
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