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I’m really starting to like our first two picks


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I had a chance to watch some film I had no idea

Lindstrom was this good especially his technique. I like his last touch on just about every play he will be a starter day one grade A

McGary wow what this kid has been through and stayed grounded. He is more raw than Lindstrom but makes up for it in effort, strength and attitude. I LOVE his statement about how he wants to be feared and no one is getting to his QB he has a mean streak. Yes he needs more work but when he turns the corner watch out he’s going to be a monster grade B

I’ll say it great job TD and company

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Same!! Not sexy, but when you get in the meat of it and really chew it to the bone, you see some high quality picks. Good job TD and team, thanks for caring enough about our 30 million dollar a year QB to actually give him some protection. This has been a long time coming...barely passable will no longer do.

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