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The Falcons Are Poised To Do Something No NFL Team Has Ever Done .


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I thought this was pretty cool!

If both Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary crack the Falcons’ starting lineup this season, every starter on Atlanta’s offensive line would be a former first-round pick. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, that would mark the first time in the common-draft era that a team had all former first-rounders starting on the offensive line.  

LT Jake Matthews --- 1st Rounder
LG James Carpenter --- 1st Rounder
C Alex Mack --- 1st Rounder
RG Chris Lindstrom --- 1st Rounder
RT Kabeb McGary --- 1st Rounder  


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22 minutes ago, FalconFromSpain said:

Id rather put lindstrom on the left between Jake and mack then use one of the veterans guards on the right Next to mcgary. I would not put both rookies on the same side of the line, that could end really bad

Yep Lindstrom will start.at LG, and Brown at RG. However McGary could find early work at.RG if Ty holds his own.

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