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TD using Quinn as his escape goat and Quinn has let him off the hook

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escape goat?  

My favorite part of social media is getting to see people talk about something they have absolutely no knowledge of and yet they speak on it like they're experts. 

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5 minutes ago, TRUju2111 said:

Im saying i have zero actual social media, so guys like you who are obsessed can tell me wat they want. Just like im a mellinial because im 34 yet every a single person i know my age is the exact opposite. 


Just now, TRUju2111 said:

Im not from Georgia so the eliminates illiterate 

Can't spell millennial but calls others illiterate :rolleyes:

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Just now, Falconsfan567 said:

I'm dying!! This thread is some funny ish!! :lol: :lol:

How can the clown that got me banned for talking **** on taft of all sections about me saying the braves BP is gsrbage in the braves section before the season starts. Yet they are garbage and he still talks smack..

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26 minutes ago, TRUju2111 said:

Hmm, the smoke is burning, Quinn takes over the D and TD concentrates purely on offense in FA and the draft. Lol so when our offense trumps our D into another non playoff offseason, who gets the blame...

Well played TD, well played!


Did it make sense in your mind before you started typing?

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