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Matt Ryan Is Feeling The Love: MVP Season Possible?


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How the Falcons have invested in Matt's success over the years is truly remarkable.

From securing a talented bruiser runningback and 1st round LT to ease his transition to the NFL, to later trading for a hall-of-fame TE and giving up two drafts for a transcendent talent at wide receiver, we have always done right to make sure our franchise QB is taken care of.

More recently, we added another first round weapon and made him briefly the most highly paid player in the league. After we saw he was getting hit too often, we scrapped an underperforming right tackle, brought in reinforcements in free agency and then doubled down with two first round picks to protect him.

While Matt always seemed to respect Kyle's intelligence, it apparently took a while for him to come around to his system and the movement it demanded. It took him out of his comfort zone, but to his credit he excelled in year 2.

Now we bring in Koetter, a guy who he knows and likes, and who calls a less complex gameplan that asks less from the QB athletically.

With all of these recent investments, you you see Matt improving on a good 2018 to reach the MVP-tier he achieved three seasons ago?

I love what he brings in ability and durability, I just hope all the investments sees a return of Matt to being at the top of the NFL.

It definitely stings that Fwe could have potentially added both Montez Sweat and Dexter Lawrence to our defense, but it's more clear than ever that we will live or die on making sure Matt is as well situated as possible, and I can respect that.

With everything being set up like this, anything less than an amazing season on offense would be a disappointment.

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