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Dahl and Clabo 2.0


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We just drafted two guys who could end up being this message boards former OL saviors, but both are way more talented than those two. 

How many times have i ready, "we need Dahl and Clabo again to fix our OL."  Well, we just signed upgraded versions of them and I hope that both pan out and are both day 1 starters.  From what little I've seen of their tape, both are maulers and already have better feet and hand placement than D&C and we could possibly lock up three positions on the OL with three quality starters for a very extended period of time. I don't get why fixing our biggest glaring weakness we've had since Ryan was our QB (minus 2016) is such a bad thing.  Has everyone forgotten about Tandy's 'time to throw for Ryan' threads?

Let the plan play out and let's see what happens. 

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