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I love that the OL is wildly deep now and seemingly setup for being solid for years to come.  Lindstrom was probably the best OG/OC combo OL in the draft, and probably Mack’s future heir.  And McGary, while unorthodox, keeps his QB clean and looks like he’ll be a 10-year starter at RT.

It was a very good first day for us.  Matt should have more time to execute more often and our run game should have more opportunities for bigger runs, including more consistent short yardage potential.

That all said, we still only have Jarrett, Crawford, Senat, Davison, Hageman, and Zimmer as our interior DL depth, and even worse, we still only have Trufant, Oliver, Wreh-Wilson, and Calhoun (who?) as our CB depth.  And we don’t have a second OR third round pick anymore.

We could probably also argue that Edge depth is weak too.  Clayborn is... aged... and Beasley is beyond disappointing at this point.  Means and Takk are our only solution to our edge-rushing woes?  Ugh, that’s depressing.

Not to mention, how are the guys coming off injuries going to play?  Will they be 100% and up to full game speed?  Probably not for a handful of games.

At this point, it feels like another sub-30 sack season, and if we get a single injury anywhere on D, except maybe safety (because Kazee is really good), we’re in serious trouble... again.

I’m not usually a pessimist, but this defense has me feeling like crap about our season right now. 

And I don’t see us solving all these issues with 6 day-3 picks.

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