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For all of you about to implode

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2 minutes ago, Drunken Minotaur Zebra said:

Before you lose your cookies...

We just took the best guard in the draft. People are complaining we're "stacked" at guard/OL. 

You know who won a Super Bowl because of great guards/OL? Brees. Brady. You name it. 

We FINALLY take a pick to protect Matt, and one that is as close to a guaranteed pick as you'll get at 14. Plus the side note of him being from BC. 

Perspective. It helps. 

not upset at the pick ... upset at where it was made

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Why didn't the Falcons trade down and get their guy? This is just dumb! Oh well. Typical Falcons always reaching and overdrafting guys! Just don't understand not trading down. Nobody was drafting this guy. He wasn't even listed in the top available players! I expected offensive lineman after all the defensive linemen came off the board but I thought it would be a tackle. Like Tandy said, not mad about the pick. Mad about where it was picked at. 14 is just way too high for this guy.

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