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I told you guys the Guards we signed were garbage. What a waste of money

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21 minutes ago, takeitdown said:

If we took a sure fire All Pro at OG that's one thing.  That's the only time you take OG that high.

This isn't even consensus as the best guard in a weak class.  Normally would have been an early 2nd round type pick.

Ya i have no clue what this team is doing or has been doing this offseason

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So we have 4 question marks on the O-line, especially on the interior where our only constant is 34 year old Alex Mack, so they finally get some real competition and depth to fix it, and you all are complaining?

After years of people complaining that TD never addresses the O-line, and now that he does, and people are unhappy?

This is why I don't come around here much anymore. Some here are only happy if they're complaining.

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....and none of them and Linstrom can play OT or are the future at Center behind Alex Mack.

He must not bust.

I hope that the Free Agent guards are renting...:lol:

There should be no "competition at Guard in camp". Linstrom must to start...


No linemen but Left -Tackles should be drafted in the 1st round.



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