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Notable 2019 Falcons Signings Breakdowns

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With the draft coming up I thought we look back on some signing the Falcons have got this offseason so far. 

Props to Unintentional Grounding on these great vids


RG Jamon Brown


LG James Carpenter

I will post some more breakdowns from other sources once I find them.


I do feel like these sigining will at least give us an average to above average Oline as is, but if we invest in an RT like Andre Dillard or Jonah Williams, you would be looking at a beast of an Oline. Falcons have done a great job this offseason getting solid vet players to sure up some missing links in several positions like Oline and Dline and the Safeties. I can't wait until the draft comes around. 

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58 minutes ago, Falconsin2012 said:

Am I the only person who thinks Fusco will be a starting OG for us next year?  

If we transition from zone wide to zone tight, maybe he won’t.  But if we are still primarily wide zone on our rush attempts, Fusco still is our best option getting to the second level.  

Maybe true but our run game needs holes at the line so our backs can join him at the second level. :D

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A young, talented top tiered RT would transform the entire,line. I think we will still be ok, but I’d like to be able to impose our will.

While the two new OGs May be a wash as far as how good they are verses how good Chester and Levitre, they are much bigger and that will help us more in short yardage and red zone play. 

Pro Bowl LT Matthews, All Pro Center Mack, and a top young talent at RT, and its really not a problem to have to relatively average OGs. The line could still be dominating and impose its will.

Even in 2016 our OL played good enough to produce the 7th highest scoring offense innNFL history.

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