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The non reported prospects in DQ's drafts

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In all of DQ's drafts there has been one or two players he's drafted that wasn't reported that we had interest in. In this year's draft I believe that player is Khalen Saunders. It's a position of need and he could be in play. I really think we stay at 14 and go OL. Saunders would be a good pick in rd 3.

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14 minutes ago, hjerry said:

Ridley was the only exception in the first and that was only because his OC from the previous year was our OC at the time and no one thought he would still be there at our pick

Collins, Rodgers, Schweitzer, Kazee, Saubert, Ridley, Senat, Gage, Smith. We might have learned about them afterwards.

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19 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

We had a meeting with him before the draft. Just wasn't reported until we picked him.

This. This is why trying to figure out who they like and will take based on "reported" visits is stupid because all of them don't get reported. We didn't even know they met with and loved Julio until the trade happened. Then it came out they met with him and worked him out. 

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