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Lest We Forget Claude Humphrey

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5 hours ago, Skott Lee said:

Just wanted to bump this to remind everyone who the greatest Falcon DE of all time is. His HOF quote should be emblazoned on locker room walls. 

“I was aggressive, very aggressive. I tried to play the game to the point where when I walked off the field, there was nothing that I didn’t cover. I tried to play all out. I didn’t take any prisoners. I just tried to do my job.” — Claude Humphrey


I remember one thing he was noted for was lending a hand to the quarterback after a sack, lifting him up and patting him on the butt and saying “I’ll be back”


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4 hours ago, cnst said:

I was guilty of it yesterday when I went to verify Beasley was indeed in the Falcons top 5 for sacks and it was only because Humphrey wasn't listed.  Good side is Beasley is NOT in the top 5 for sacks.  

Yeah it can be easy to forget Hump but we’ve had some pretty good DEs. 

And it’s also a bad thing that Vic is not too 5. He certainly flashed that ability in 16.

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