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2019 Schedule Thread

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5 division games in a row is stupid

Meh. 5 division games in a row don’t mean ****. The better team on that day is going to win regardless. All I can say is the Falcons better treat all 5 like they’re supposed to be treated

and we see you used your other fake account to give yourself a like   

3 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

NFL must really expect the Falcons to suck major monkey balls this year!! Only 2 primetime games.



Meh. I like it like that. I hate games after 4

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2 minutes ago, stingbee said:

This actually a very good schedule because they are not playing any cold weather games in December on the  road. 

The Falcons will get additional Primetime matches with a winning season with flex schedule.

Hard to play cold weather games when they only play 3 outdoor games and those places are San Francisco, Carolina, and Tampa.

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1 minute ago, Falconsfan567 said:


Shouldn't be allowed to play 5 straight division games!!

I know! They do this same bs every year! All I ever ask for is for the division games to be spread out, but they are always backloaded in the second half of the season all in a row! 5 of our last 6 were division games in 2017, and this is even worse! 

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Other than the 5 straight Div games?

We get to play NO after a Bye at least and then they have to travel here on a short week. :tiphat:

Not a bad week 1. Offense gotta show up on the road. Defense with DQ hopefully out to prove itself.

It’s basically:

Pre-Bye out of Division tests

Post-Bye in Div insanity?


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I'm actually quite pleased with this. A tough opener, but we'll have something to prove. I'm so sick of losing to the Eagles, but at least that's our first home game, should give good energy. No cold weather away games.

5 division games in a row is odd, but it's right after our bye, and hey, we gotta play them all sometime! It should keep our intensity ramped all the way UP at that critical time of the season. 

And I really like the chance for some Thanksgiving redemption against the Saints at home.

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