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Mr. Wilson just got paid


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2 hours ago, Vandy said:

LOL 2.0.

Ryan had an MVP season in 2016 (and arguably as good or better year in 2018) .....but we didn’t “expose” anything about Wilson other than fact falcons were the hotter/better team during that 2016 playoff run.

Okay, let's agree to disagree then I guess. I would take Ryan over any other QB in the league right now and Mahomes is a close second.

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43 minutes ago, abcranford2 said:

That play had more to do with Marshawn Lynch

Image result for russell wilson running touchdown gif


The end collapsed on Lynch.  The linebacker cheated over and both that linebacker and corner on that side came up to RESPECT Russell's running ability and lost track of the receiver on that side...

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1 hour ago, No.11 said:

You say he's an inconsistent passer and cite completion percentage, and yet his career completion percentage is 64.2, which isn't far behind Ryan's. Wilson has a career YPA of 8 and career passer rating of 100.3. He's one of the most efficient passers in league history. Russ has thrown 34 or more TDs in three of the last 4 seasons and thrown less than 10 INTs in 4 out of 7 seasons, never exceeding 11.

In 2015 we saw what Wilson did without the #1 rushing attack--proved he was a top tier QB by putting up MVP numbers.

4024 passing yards: led team

553 rushing yards: led team

34 TDs

8 INTs

68.1% completion

8.3 YPA

110.1 passer rating

Take nothing away from Ryan, but these are facts bro. Not to mention RW continues to put up elite numbers despite being in an offensive system that quite frankly holds him back and treats him like a rookie. It was on full display against the Cowboys in the playoffs. Shottenheimer should have play actioned the Cowboys to death and let RW make them pay for stacking the box pretty much every play.


He had one great season, every other season he was meh.

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2 hours ago, PriMeTiiMe said:

Okay here is where I flip flop on this debate lol.

Wilson never had to do much when they were the dominate team in the NFC back in the early part of his career. He was a bus driver for a well oiled machine. Just don't mess anything up and they would likely win 80% of the time for a few years. He won a SB and got to another by not having to do a whole lot.

However since that defense left & Marshawn went to Oakland Russ has become a far better QB than he ever was early in his career. He IS the offense. Having the #1 Rush offense this past year was simply a byproduct of Wilson and his running ability. Remember the Mike Vick days? Same thing. Defenses have to respect his ability to run every play. 

No one can ever convince me Wilson is as good of a passer as Ryan today but Wilson is elite for other reasons. Both guys are worth the money they're paid.

I can agree with that. 

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17 hours ago, red falcon said:

Its also Russell's 1st one (well maybe not), could be wrong). Their super bowl years are probably over now. Been over.

Russell is that offense though.  Ive seen him pull a couple of rabbits out his hat.

he's pulled a few somethings out of something, but I'm not sure those were rabbits, and definitely not his hat.....



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8 hours ago, Osiruz said:

Show me. He had one 4k yard season, 2 tops.


Seriously man, how hard is it to type his name into the search bar and look for his stats?


Secondly, context. Some of you cherrypick stats without understanding or conveniently ignoring the circumstances under which they happened (unless we're talking about Ryan).

Wilson could easily have been throwing for 4000 every year just like Ryan. The problem is he's been stuck with coaches that keep using ultra-conservative game plans until they run into QBs like Big Ben and Mahomes who can quickly light up the scoreboard. He's beaten both of them.

Wilson has attempted more than 500 passes only twice in his career and never attempted 600+. Ryan hasn't finished with less than 500 pass attempts since 2009, and he missed two games that year. Kinda hard to consistently throw for 4000+ yards when your coach prefers to run the ball to a fault.

That said, Wilson still has a nose for the end zone. He's thrown 34+ TDs three times and scores 30 or more TDs in four out of seven seasons (the first one being his rookie season). He threw 35 last year, same as Ryan, only with almost 200 less pass attempts, and finished with a single-season passer rating of 110.9. Only Mahomes and Brees were better. He's thrown for 4000 yards twice (Once with less than 500 pass attempts) and finished with 4000+ total yards in four out of seven seasons.

Wilson has a career 3:1 TD:INT ratio (196 TD passes, 63 INTs). Only Aaron Rodgers is better. His career passer rating is 100.3. Only Rodgers is better. He's been doing this with meh talent at receiver for most of his career and garbage O-lines. Somehow he's never missed a game.

If you think RW's career has been meh, well, that's your prerogative, but the facts don't support your narrative.

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