A Pattern Emerges with our OL and DL signings, should give hint to our draft targets

By gazoo in Talk About the Falcons,
We are getting bigger, stronger, meaner, nastier and more physical on both sides of the ball on the lines. I believe any draft pick we select for either line will have some combination of these traits as well.  OG James Carpenter 6’5” 321lbs New York Post”Carpenter is that classic player who is soft-spoken off the field but has a nasty streak on it.” “He’s a silent killer,’’ teammate Giacomini said. “Carpenter doesn’t talk too much, but when it’s time to get the job done, he’s getting it done. He won’t say too much on the field, either. He’ll kick your butt and won’t help you up getting back to the huddle. He plays tough, and is a strong, strong kid. I’m glad he’s with us.’’ OG Jamon Brown 6’4” 340 Lbs Massive, strong powerful  OG who no one will be pushing around. Lives in the weight room  OG Adam Gettis 6’3” 315lbs NBC Sports “Gettis posses a nasty streak” DT Tyeler Davison 6’2 310lbs (we’ve all seen the film of him throwing everyone violently down he tackles) teammate Cameron Jordon “Tyeler gives his all every time he is on the field”  SB Nation Bob Rose “Tyeler has that mean streak in him that is hard to teach” DE Steven Means and Chris Odom Both players caught our fans eyes as hard nosed gritty players. Steven Means was well respected in Philly where Jim Schwartz said he was trusted in the locker room and worked very, very hard. Many of his teammates lamented he just couldn’t get in front of so many other incredibly talented players, but Schwartz said he was ready to go any time they needed him. OT/Swing OT John Wetzel 6’7”, 328lbs, 34” arms, Most natural position RT. Finishes his blocks well, utility player who can play LT, RT or wither guard position. I’m looking for more info on him now. Upon cursory review, he played at a very high level when just stuck at RT for 8 games straight with Arizona. He was moved around so much most of his career due to injuries on his teams OL  it could have led to some inconsistency.
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