Name the 3 Fastest Falcons

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2 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Just think if we could add Devin White to that group. Bro. You already know buddy's the apple of my eye in this draft. The only one I'd trade up for. I'd go up to eight. Maybe five. And I hate trade ups. Probably wouldn't go up for Quinnen or Oliver. I think White could come in with immediate impact and eventually be an All Pro, Pro Bowlin, Debo type as beater. I could be wrong but don't think so. Think Brooks or Urlacher.


With Davison signing, we could stun most and grab this sideline to sideline eraser.  True BPA.  Many would not love the pick.  I’d cackle with glee

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26 minutes ago, runshoot said:

Jerious Norwood.

Fastest dude on the planet with the ball in his hands. Loved that guy.

Fastest dude until the smallest piece of turf known to mankind would get in his way and he would stumble and fall on his face. :lol:

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