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if jeffrey simmons is available at 33 would you trade up to get him?

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what if at 14 all of the DT’s are gone and we end up drafting a OT, but then  at 32 Jeffrey simmons is still available, by trading up into the 1st round we could get the 5th year option on him, and since he will likely miss most or all of this year. it gives us 1 more year before he would get a new contract. also at pick 32 his 5th year wouldnt be as expensive. most projected him the 2nd best DT in this draft behind williams. the value chart doesnt line up well, our 2nd and 3rd is too expensive but our 2nd and both 4ths doesnt provide enough points and giving 3 picks for 1 is tough. assuming a reasonable trade could be worked out would you pull the trigger?

I had thought about this alot especially with all of the jarrett contract issues, and my opinion would be even of we drafted say wilkins, i would still trade up for simmons so when the franchise tag has taken  its course on jarrett and he decided to go elsewhere we would still have wilkins and simmons manning our interior line

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I'm on board with this.  Here's what I would do as a Dimi.  I'm signing Julio and Grady so that there is more cap room.  Sign Suh to a 1/10 million contract.  Slide back in the draft and take best OL available.  Use draft capital obtained from moving back to get back into the 1st or early 2nd and draft Simmons.  Thoughts @texasfalconfan???

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So here’s my thought. If you get to Rd 2, and he’s avaible, why not just offer your 2020 1st round pick, and that’s it?

Would someone bypass a 2nd pick to get another 1 in 2020?

You would essentially be drafting Simmons with your 1st pick next year.

Not sure it would get accepted without 2019 picks being included, but I’d offer it to every team picking when he’s available.

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