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Kirk Herbstreit raves over Georgia QB Jake Fromm and interestsing offensive note


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If Georgia intends on getting back to the SEC Championship Game this season and this time beating Alabama to reach the College Football Playoff, the program's best player must be the guy who leads the charge.

College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit believes Bulldogs quarterback Jake Fromm is in for a banner year as a junior, the SEC's top returning quarterback after Heisman runner-up Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama.

“There’s going to be some faces emerging at Georgia, but by the time we get to conference play, we’ll start to know these new names,” Herbstreit said, via DawgNation prior to Clemson's spring game. “But Jake Fromm is the guy. You look around the entire county, he’s one of those leaders beyond his Xs and Os and what he can do when he starts throwing the ball.

"Fromm is like a dad that’s on the team, the younger players are like his kids, and I just have a lot of confidence that between his experience and leadership he’ll get the offense in the right spot.”

A two-year starter in Athens, Fromm has been a model of consistency for the Bulldogs, going 23-5 with 5,376 yards passing, 54 touchdowns and 13 interceptions as one of the SEC's most prolific quarterbacks. As the facilitator within first-year offensive coordinator James Coley's balanced — and sometimes pass-heavy — scheme, Fromm's numbers could expand to career-best totals as a junior.

During Coley's three seasons at Miami, his offense's run-pass splits were more balanced than Jim Chaney's run-first philosophy at Georgia. In fact, the Hurricanes were passing game intensive overall during Coley's final campaign.

"Is the playbook going to be different? No," Fromm said in February. "It's just probably going to be more added on to it. So, super excited. What we've got going in, can't wait to see what happens in the spring and, man, just really see what's going to happen."

Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart said in March he expects small tweaks from Coley, but nothing drastic offensively.

"Look, we've been really successful at running the ball," Smart said. "That's who we are at Georgia. We're not going to go recreate the wheel and say, 'Well now we are going to open up and be an empty spread team every down and go high tempo.' You do what makes you successful, and he had a meeting with the offense yesterday, which I sat in, and he talked about balance.

"I think we are going to be successful at that because that's based on having good players, but I don't think we are going to say, 'Okay, we're throwing out everything we've done. We're starting over.'"

Sprinkle in help from D'Andre Swift and Zamir White, whose teammates are expecting a breakout year from the former five-star signee, and the Bulldogs have several playmakers offensively that should make Fromm's job that much easier.

"(Zamir) works so hard. He's gotten strong. He's gotten real strong," Swift said. "I'm expecting a lot of him, everybody is. I think he's gonna be a great contributor to this team."


You need to watch today's show from dawgnation: 

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I don’t want or expect the offense to change a lot. I’d settle for an element of unpredictability and letting Fromm run hurry up more often. I really think if Coley lets Fromm run the offense at times with some hurry up that our O would be unstoppable. Mix it up but let him get hot, get in a good rhythm with his receivers while our RBs pound it... and we will do worse to Bama than what Clemson did.

Really excited to see Jake as a junior and see how our WR corps shapes up. Defense should be lights out.

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