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1 hour ago, mdrake34 said:

For that to hold up you'd have to believe that Cersei was as much of a threat to the world as the Night King and Dany. I just can't take that seriously. It also forgets that the prophesy is mostly believed by a cult in Essos that believes the Night King is their evil god and will bring the end of the world. Why would they consider the various wars in Westeros an existential threat?

It would make more sense if it was Jon's various attempts to build a coalition against the Night King. The first time he attempted to temper it with water by sending the ships he had to evacuate the wildlings, personally leading the mission in the show, but it ultimately failed because the Night's Watch assassinated him. Next would be him trying to take the mantle of Lord Paramount/King of the North to use his clout there to build a coalition with the southern lords, but ultimately the Lannisters will be/were more concerned with other things. Finally he builds a coalition with his aunt lover to defeat the Night King, which will ultimately succeed but he'll have to sacrifice her to secure victory.

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1 hour ago, JDaveG said:


Probably my favorite part of that episode.  Sophie Turner had that role down.

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