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Bold Predictions for Individual Players in 2019

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I thought it would be fun to list some bold(some not so bold) predictions for the upcoming season:

- Julio has double digit TD

- Ridley has over 1,000 yards

- Ryan hits 40+ TD

- Freeman has the overall production of a top 5 RB

- Takk puts up double digit Sacks

- Beasley gets 8.0-9.5 Sacks(thus forcing us to make a TOUGH decision with his expiring contract)

- Deion Jones finishes top 5 in DPOY

- Kazee continues his dominance, and becomes one of the elite, versatile DB(similar to prime Mathieu)

- Tru bounces back to be a top 10 CB statistically

- Isaiah Oliver struggles, but shows flashes

- Alex Mack shows signs of decline

- Oluokun emerges as 2nd best LB(Campbell does not improve/regresses)

- Jarrett posts double digit Sacks and emerges as a top 3 DT

- Freeman will stay healthy

- Keanu Neal notches a career high 4 INT

- Ricardo Allen struggles to return to form, and is benched for Kazee

- 12-4 record(win division)

- we have a rookie RT become one of the leagues best

- we draft a very solid contributor at DL and DB

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