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Falcons working out Norte Dame punter

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Bosher doesn't suck but he is more expensive than he's probably worth at this point. Everyone says his kickoffs suck but that's not true. He's doing what he's told. Some weeks they want to eliminate the return some weeks they feel like they can pin them deeper if they let them return. It's the same thing with our punt returners over the years. You don't know what the coaches are asking them to do. 

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Bosher does suck. He may do what the coaches tell him to do on kickoffs (nice assumption thinking when he doesn't make the endzone it must be because the coaches tell him not to), but his punting is not great. 19th in net average. (19th in kickoff length average as well).

In addition to his punting not being anything but average, he is also slow getting them off.

For the money we are paying him, that is not good at all. He may not be terrible but he is definitely replaceable for less money.

When someone is easily replaceable for less money, you replace them.

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15 hours ago, youngbloodz said:

I know this kid. We work out at the same gym when he is home in Georgia. Crazy strong. Big time leg. Routinely kicked 50 yard FGs in high school 

Bosher needs to be replaced.  HIs contract is too rich.  When Bryant was our FG specialist, Bosher handled kick-offs.  Now that we have the new kid, I suspect he will handle the KO's and we won't need a hybrid punter/kicker.  

If this Notre Dame kid can handle punting duties as a rookie,  I can see us drafting him in the 5th round and saying goodbye to Bosher.  

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9 minutes ago, yungfalc92 said:

Would anyone be mad if we went as high as a 5th for him? Hadn't seen much from the punters of this class but he clearly appears to have one of the best legs in CFB.

I’ll have to watch some game footage of him punting. The Seahawks punter was an instant game changer. 

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On 4/6/2019 at 9:01 PM, Draftnut57 said:

Fans don't reallize how important a great Kicker and Punter is to any team.. I sure hope we get the best one possible. 

I'd take him 3rd round.  Being dead serious.  Train him with bosher. Towards the end of the season put him in here and there.  

Next year let bosher test the market.  In return he goes to a team.  We get a 5th for 2021 because we all know bosher will do good for anyone.  

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