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RB K. Barner signs 1 YR deal

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Just now, ryanATL1988 said:

You mean alive, since he ded. Bosher killed hin on national television 

Yeah no doubt I remember that, but my man went radio silent after the Panthers. I figured he just hang his cleats. I thought he would be good coming out of Oregon until he went to the Smeagles. Then I wanted nothing but the worst for them... I still remember the Panthers thinking they were making noise when they got him.

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6 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

He got caught..

Let's ignore the jukes and is it caught if you had to go sideline to sideline for more yards at the end of a long run? lol

That's not necessarily caught if in the sense of a guy from behind the play came back to get him; just that's the length the return wound up. The dude that tackled him he tried to get an angle on and he got shoe stringer as the angle played out. :shrug: 

 I'll take that every day.

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