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Bleed's 2019 7 Round Mock Draft

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So fellas I've done a lot of research post combine and watch some full games of the prospects I drafted on YT. Needless to say I've really enjoyed this vacation time from work. I recently took into consideration the FA moves that were made thus far and what I am projecting our future moves to be. 

Round 1: Montez Sweat / DE / Mississippi State 


This is the only round I am eh about. I believe we should pursue a trade with Detroit for spot 7 and try to secure a Ed Oliver pick but in my draft I have no trades so staying at 14 it is.

Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'6 243; 40x 4.41. 

Reasoning: I really dont believe Vic is the answer and this will be his make or break year. If he performs horribly, we let him go and in comes Sweat full time. If he performs well, we let him go and receive a higher compensation pick in next years draft. Regardless, Vic isn't the future so we replace him with another Ga native. 

Looking at a few games Sweat really stood out in setting the edge on the run by using his ridiculous length. He has a high motor and consistent in the pass rush department also. He is an athletic freak which also bodes well.   

Best Game: Kansas State 2018

Worst Game: Alabama 2017

Round 2: Garrett Bradbury / G / NC State (a personal favorite)


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'3 306; 40x 4.92

Reasoning: First of all buddy can move. He can get to second level swiftly and make a LB pay. Some have him projected as a Center others a Guard. I see us utilizing him as G and when Mack decides to hang up the cleats bam our starting C arises. Regardless he is another future based pick. He can also plug and play G this year though.  

His body control stands out as he is very efficient with his hands and feet. Strong powerful hands upon his punch and quick feet to frame a defender. Tbh I dont believe with his combine performance he last this long anymore.  

Best Game: Virginia 2018

Worst Game: Clemson 2018

Round 3: Justin Love / CB / Notre Dame


Ok, I couldn't find a DL worth taking at our spot so we may have the ability to trade back a little. If not, I think the smart pick would be someone to come in and compete for  Brian Poole's spot since he wants to go visit the Jets <_< 

Combine: (Ht/Wt) 5'11 195; 40x 4.54

Reasoning: Bump and run is what is recommended for this young man. A lot of analyst have him projected as a NFL starter and I can see why. He is great at mirroring a receiver and not often loses himself in traffic. It does look like he is suspect with fighting through a block to get to a runner but other than that he will make a tackle of he has a shot. The zone is were his weakness lies. If he isnt in man he likes to watch the QB to much rather than feeling for a receiver entering his zone. With DQ calling the D again I think he'd be a great fit for man coverage plays as a NB or bump outside to bump and run a deep 3rd. 

Best Game: Stanford 2018

Worst Game: Vanderbilt 2018

Round 4: Mecole Hardman / WR / Georgia


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 5'10 187; 40x 4.33

Reasoning: This is a little bit of a homer pick but it also addresses a need on ST and a solid 4th WR if he picks up on game speed sooner than later this season. Regardless, we finally get the KR/PR we've desired since Devin Hester's departure.  

Best Game: S. Carolina 2018

Worst Game: Auburn 2017

Round 4 Comp pick: Khalen Saunders / DT / Western Illinois 


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'0 324; 40x 5.01

Reasoning: Finally that massive DT I've been looking for. I did not realize how athletic he was until I watched a couple of games of his. He was completely dominant at his level of play. He went on to the senior bowl and performed well. Some analyst comments "Hands are heavy, violent and capable of stunning pads, his incredible looseness doesn't make sense for his size. Has excellent closing speed and lateral mobility.  Is more than capable of anchoring and dominating at the point of attack".

One thing that I dont like is the amount of games he's played over the past two years so there's that. 

Round 5: Gary Johnson / LB / Texas


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'0 226; 40x 4.43

Reasoning: More of a special teams pick like Hardman but overtime he has the potential to turn into a starter (this is a reach) or solid depth to say the least. Regardless, this plays into DQs mantra of fast and relentless. He his a heavy hitter despite his size. A weakness of his is getting washed while moving laterally. He is also a liability in pass coverage but could be brought up to speed on that.  

Best Game: Baylor 2018

Worst Game: USC 2018

Round 5 Comp pick: Chuma Edoga / T / USC


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'3 308; 40x 5.19

Reasoning: Not that it matters but he is an Atlanta native. Very violent hands especially when he has to wash down the LOS and initially with his swift kickstep. Literally watch some of his games and how well his feet glide. Dude is light on his feet in pass pro. Needs help placing those strong hands though. He could definitely be a year 2 or 3 starter in the NFL. 

Best Game: Texas 2018

Worst Game: Stanford 2018

Round 6: DeMarcus Christmas / DT /FSU


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'3 294; 40x 5.08

Reasoning: He plays two gaps very well and had been highly praised with his strength on it. Even though he was a 3 yr starter for FSU he is still considered very raw. Pass rush techniques need refining, effort on plays that are going away from him also leaves more to be desired. He is a "black hole" when being ran at with his low center of gravity and wide body. He is a rotational player at best. 

Best Game: Alabama 2017 

Worst Game: Virginia Tech 2018

Round 7: Tommy Sweeney / TE / Boston College 


Combine: (Ht/Wt) 6'4 251; 40x 4.89

Reasoning: Very nice sized TE even though he doesn't excel in blocking or getting separation with a skilled safety in man coverage he is known as the TE to find the open area in the zone. Which bodes well for a QB like Matt Ryan. He is also praised for his catch in traffic ability and hands overall. 

Best Game: Wake Forest 2018

Worst Game: Wake Forest 2017


Overall, I feel this draft not only address areas of concerns on the offensive and defensive line but invest in some key roles going forward to help with this cap issue we are having. I project this will be Sanu, Vic, Campbell and possibly Ricardo Allen's final year as a Falcon. 



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48 minutes ago, m2Falcons said:

I like McCoy or Jenkins in the 2nd over Bradbury, but otherwise very very solid.

somewhere we need a good power back tho

Well I didnt know we signed a 5th TE today so the only spot I can really see it would be the 7th round now.

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Like it.I’m gonna have to go watch some more Sweat film.As I haven’t been overly impressed by the edge class and I take the combine results with a grain of salt.

Like the developmental element of it taking Christmas Saunders & Edoga later.

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The biggest problem i think this draft would have at succeeding would be Saunders at our round 4 comp pick when he is supposed to go in round 2.  Thats a massive drop for a guy like that at this point with how well he has been showing out lately.

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