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Tweets from Orlando Brown about OL

ike barn87987

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6 minutes ago, ATLFalcons11 said:

I'm inclined to listen to him, not only because of his elite status and career as an OL because not all elite players become good coaches/evaluators, but because his som turned out to have bad combine numbers if I recall correctly but went on to have a good rookie season.

This is the son. Pops is deceased. 

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Cody Ford has it all .


I somewhat agree with Brown... The problem is alot and I mean ALOT of tackles don't know the game like him especially at a young age...


So most gotta get by on physical ability because they dont have his O-line mind ... 


So to make his style (not that athletic) work... You have to have freakishly long arms and a top notch O-Line mind

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I think there are three things you should look at when evaluating a player.

1. Love of football. The best players in the league eat, breathe and sleep thinking about football. There are many players who have the athletic ability and skill to be one of the best. The difference comes down to the desire to dedicate your life to football.

2. Tape. Can they win the one on one battles? Do they show instincts? Do they have game speed and strength?

3. How do they test? Certain positions are more important than others but you need certain measurable to be a top edge rusher. Just because you have those skills doesn’t guarantee success. But it is hard to be elite if you don’t have the physical skills necessary.

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6 hours ago, mtldirtybird said:

it's the same in any position in any sport. Brains over pure athletes. You have to know how to use your athletic abilities in order to take advantage of them and be successful. The best have both and work very hard.

The Deion Jones of the world? 

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