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link to Quinn's, Koetter's and Kotwica's full Press Conf


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Links to all three press conferences today. I liked what I heard from all three. Can't wait for September.


If somebody wants to embed these please feel free. This old man hasn't learned how to do that yet...





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Thanks! Koetter’s and Quinn’s were good. Especially DK.

I’m expecting; as long as we get an OL that can play at a high level and the depth is improved in event of injury, that we hit 30+PPG next year.

We passed the ball almost at will last year despite scarce run games and imbalance in play calling. Now imagine a D as well that creates more turnovers and doesn’t stay on the field as long. Offense scores more!

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2 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

It actually helps that Koetter coached a division rival for the past 3 years after he left the Falcons because it will help the familiarity between Quinn and Koetter. Not to mention all the players.

And imagine the insight DQ and DK will give each other regarding the Panties and Aints; can’t hurt!:tiphat:

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1 hour ago, Stray Dog THA GAWD said:

We are SO screwed.


3 hours ago, Lowndesfalc said:

I found it quite remarkable when Quinn talked about being able to get into game plans and what they were thinking about each other only 5 days after facing each other in the regular season. That would have to be valuable insight. 

Dan Quinn is a good coach. He knows what he's doing.


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