Alford Being Released

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2 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

Tru was never getting released this year. Dead money is too much


1 minute ago, TRUju2111 said:

This is dumb..Alford saves us over 7m and Trufant would be a bunch of dead money. Anyone who didn't see this coming is blind

Got it...

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3 minutes ago, Dutty Ole Bird said:

Guess he refused to take a pay cut. Sad to see Alford go, he was one of my favorite players and a gambler but it was a much needed move to clear cap space. Hope someone overpays him in FA.

Goodbye Alford! :sadwave:

Didnt like the pick.   The honey badger was still available when we took rocky...      just hope he doesnt stay in the NFC south 

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