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If New England Wins Superbowl 54 (to the Falcons?), Will This Not Make You Wonder?


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Another thing that makes the Patriot's great besides what has been mentioned here already is their extreme camaraderie starting with Kraft, down thru the coaches and into the players. Kraft also does alot for the community included flying people needing treatment afar in the team plane when they can't afford the trip. Over one million attended their parade today tells you something. And in the final quarter of their games, they have just as much vigor as they had at kick off. They are in extreme physical shape. Owner's deep caring, great head coach, dedicated players, and 110% fan support is the key to their success.

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22 minutes ago, octoslash said:

The greatest dynasty in sports history is Atlanta United soccer.

Since they came into the league, they've been to the playoffs every single season of their existence. 

And they've won half of all the championships.  

No other team in sports history can say that. 



The only ATL franchise to ever start on the right foot

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52 minutes ago, Godzilla1985 said:

Yeah but the 2 of the three above (Seahawks & Falcons) had the game won.  The 3rd decided to run the clock out for BB or they might have one too.  The Rams never had the upper hand in that game.

The biggest difference between the Falcons, Rams, and Seahawks tho is that the Seahawks and Rams have already won a Super Bowl, while we haven't. So it feels completely different being a Falcons fan compared to them. 

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2 hours ago, mqg96 said:

The biggest difference between the Falcons, Rams, and Seahawks tho is that the Seahawks and Rams have already won a Super Bowl, while we haven't. So it feels completely different being a Falcons fan compared to them. 

Yup. To lose what would have been your FIRST Lombardi in that way - when it was literally 99% guaranteed ... I mean. C'mon. Two years later, to the day in fact, and it still hurts to think about.

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On 2/4/2019 at 4:59 PM, jlrfalcon said:

If you grew up in the Nineties, you can relate to the major Steroid era of baseball.  Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Ken Caminiti, and many others all went from being mildly-muscular guys to body-building monsters that turned the sport into a home run show.  Sadly, most fans knew there was something going on but were so entertained they just let it go until it got to a point it was ridiculous.  I don't think baseball has yet recovered the popularity it had in the Eighties because of this.

Now, we are watching a single team with really only a few long term stars absolutely dominate the NFL with 6 championships.  Sure, they lost last year to the Eagles but was this just a way to throw us off what was going on behind the scenes?  There were mild scandals known as Deflategate and Spygate that almost went unnoticed and are barely even talked about anymore.  But, how can a single team succeed so long in the NFL?

1) Brady's age - the guy has yet to show any age decline and actually wants to play another year? other than having 7 titles and another ring, what does he have to play for? does he not remember QB's like Theismann or read about the head injuries that many former NFL players have?

2) What stars - other than Brady and maybe a few like Gronkowski, this NE team always seems to win with one-year players and mediocre stars like Edelman, Blount, White, Cooks, Butler, etc.  It is almost like whoever they draft or acquire works for them for a Superbowl run but then is sent elsewhere the next year and disappears into the regular NFL.

3) No bad trades - does it almost always seem that whatever trades they make, always work in their favor?  It seemed Jimmy G was a sure-fire replacement for an "aging" Brady, but they send him to San Fran where he is injured while Brady comes back for another youthful season.  They send a great WR target like Cooks to LA for a draft pick they then use on a RB coming off an injury named Michel.  The latter ends up vital in the Superbowl against LA.  Many more examples available.

4) Parity - how is it NE can survive in a league where parity is so obvious for the rest of the league.  The lower draft picks for winning teams, the scheduling so that winning teams face winning teams, and the heavy free agency movement destroy other teams but NE always survives somehow.  And, how is it that no other AFC East team has shown possibly being able to topple NE in ages?

5) Injuries - the Falcons were destroyed early this year by injuries on its young defense.  However, even when NE is hit with an injury, it seems to never matter as they could grab a player off the street and turn them into a star playing for them.  Even when Brady was hurt and/or suspended a few games in recent years, the backup QB comes in and plays like nothing has changed.

6) Officiating - do you ever see the Patriots ever have a game where a call really goes against them that is questionable?  Maybe the bad call the Saints are so irked about was a planned event to keep Brees from being in the way in the Superbowl?  The officials were certainly rather uninvolved last night with possible PI calls late in the game that Alford is called for constantly.  And, they certainly helped the Patriots against us a couple of years ago with holding calls late in the game.


So, there are still plenty out there that simply accept the Patriots winning Superbowl 53 as nothing but a great team.  However, I simply ask if the Falcons make it to Superbowl 54 and play the Patriots (would anybody be surprised to see a different AFC opponent?), are you going to accept us losing to the Patriots as just another year by a great team?


You do know the story behind the Patriots, right? An agency with the Kraft company negotiated most of the big TV contracts for the NFL. If there is one single owner of the NFL it would be Mr. Kraft.

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3 hours ago, AtlantaFanatic said:

This argument would make sense if other large market teams like NY and Dallas haven't sucked for ages. 

Dallas got their stadium financed with out having to drum up support because their fan support is always high. The New York teams were the shiz about the time MetLife was being constructed. SF had a run when they were pitching their stadium in 13.

The exceptions... Saints after Katrina, Baltimore as Ray Lewis retired, and the Broncos as Peyton retired.

The only ones that dont line up are the Eagles and the Seahawks. They didn't have stadiums in the mix as far as I know. 

I'm not saying they rig every game but I do think they'll make a few key calls at some point in the games to make it easier for one team to get a small lead or kill momentum.

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On 2/4/2019 at 5:16 PM, AtlantaFanatic said:


Because the NFL relies more on coaching than any other major American sport. An uber talented team with a crummy coach will lose. Strategy and playing your opponent is imperative in the NFL because the difference in talent and athleticism between the worst NFL player and the best is minute.

The Patriots have the best strategist the sport has ever seen leading the way and his team of coaches are incredible in their own right. They beat you every year because they are better at leveraging their talent agaisnt you. 

Their QB is also a maniac when it comes to competition, leadership, and approach to the game. The continuity between the coach and the QB is unrivaled. 

The Patriots will continue to win as long as BB is running the show so strap in and have fun watching greatness because it's likely youll never see something like this again. 

Best breakdown of the patriots and it’s not close. The espn crew can’t figure this one out. 

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