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Tony Gonzalez upsets Chiefs fans with recent Falcons comments


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Kansas City Chiefs fans should be congratulating longtime tight end Tony Gonzalez on his Hall of Fame win, but instead some are smarting from his recent comments.

by Matt Conner23 hours ago Follow @MattConnerAA


Kansas City Chiefs fans should be congratulating longtime tight end Tony Gonzalez on his Hall of Fame win, but instead some are smarting from his recent comments.

Tony Gonzalez is certainly a man who knows how to handle himself in front of a camera and microphone. Each and every week, he does a great job as a broadcaster and analyst after a brilliant career as an NFL player. However some of his latest comments have been interesting, to say the least, and for some Kansas City Chiefs fans, they’ve been a bit too much.

Gonzalez was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, one of eight new members who will be inducted into the Hall in early August. During a week of Super Bowl festivities, the media’s presence has been constant around players in the Atlanta area and Gonzalez has given a few quotes this week that has concerned some Chiefs fans.


Exhibit A can be found here in a video:


Zach Klein✔@ZachKleinWSB

New NFL Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez:

“The Falcons.. honestly.. made my career....”


10:41 PM - Feb 2, 2019

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The full quote given: The Falcons honestly made my career. It really did. Nothing against Kansas City. I was there 12 years, only three playoff games. But when I got to Atlanta, it’s like now you’re part of this winning organization or on TV every week. Now I’m doing Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football games. I love it here. I love being back here.

Gonzalez also recorded a special video just for Falcons fans after being voted into the Hall of Fame. He mentions how much he loved playing in ATL in particular and says a Super Bowl is coming soon for the city.


This could all be easily dismissed if it was just one tweet, but these are actually beginning to accrue over time. The first eyebrow-raising tweet came earlier this week when Gonzalez posted the following:

Tony Gonzalez✔@TonyGonzalez88

Sorry to all my @Chiefs fans, you know I love you, but being in Atlanta for @SuperBowl has got me thinking of the good ol days! @AtlantaFalcons #TBT


3:34 PM - Jan 31, 2019

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For some fans, it proved a bit too much to handle. The response was instant on Twitter with passionate Chiefs fans deciding to turn their backs on a franchise icon.


Austin Hall@austin_92_hall

 · Feb 2, 2019

Tony Gonzalez is getting a lot of Chiefs fans heated... not gunna lie. I’m a little fired up..


S Marlin@Smarlin813

Hold up... did Tony Gonzalez really say that? Dude your 6 years in Atlanta made your career? Nah not the 11 seasons with the chiefs, you know when you put up your biggest totals?


12:19 AM - Feb 3, 2019


Adam Patrick@Str8_Cash_Homey

Wow, ok so Tony Gonzalez is not a fan of Kansas City


12:59 AM - Feb 3, 2019


Trevor Lininger@RockChalkTL1993

What did the Chiefs do to Tony Gonzalez? Dude is a legend in this town and he’s doing nothing but destroying his legacy here


11:33 PM - Feb 2, 2019

For others, however, it was clear that there’s nothing with Tony Gonzalez enjoying his pro career after spending well over a decade in Kansas City. Gonzalez put up with a lot of losing in K.C. and was the lone bright spot offensive alongside plenty of poor quarterback options. Chiefs fans don’t have to feel threatened just because Gonzalez might have enjoyed his final five seasons with the Falcons.

Even more, it’s important to understand that the Super Bowl is being held in Atlanta. Gonzalez isn’t talking to the Star. Instead he’s addressing the media in Atlanta about Atlanta as a former Atlanta Falcons player, so of course he’s going to be loud and proud for the region.

Sam Mellinger✔@mellinger

Look, I know a lot of you who follow are Chiefs fans but:

- from 1998-2008 Tony Gonzalez was a star for the Chiefs and went 0-3 in the playoffs.

- from 2009-2012 he played on more winning teams than his entire Chiefs career.

You may not like it, but he’s speaking his truth.


12:58 AM - Feb 3, 2019


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Matt Verderame✔@MattVerderame

I don't get why #Chiefs fans are so salty about this. Gonzalez was a great player in KC. The team largely stunk to high heaven around him. He's not wrong in anything he said.

Zach Klein✔@ZachKleinWSB

New NFL Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez:

“The Falcons.. honestly.. made my career....”


12:35 AM - Feb 3, 2019



Why are Chiefs fans so salty about Tony Gonzalez showing Atlanta love? He didn’t say anything bad about Kansas City, Atlanta is just better. Most ppl would say so.


8:25 AM - Feb 3, 2019


It will be interesting to see how long any such sentiments linger, since the induction ceremony is several months away. Either way it’s clear that Chiefs Kingdom isn’t quite as excited as they would have been if Gonzalez had never said anything.

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You know I was glad when Scott Case was able to have success with Dallas back in the day. Same for Riggs in Washington. I would hope most people in KC would want the same for Gonzo. Plus, it's not like Gonzo bolted from KC ... he was traded.

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