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Which FA and Early Draft Scenario Do You Prefer?

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Scenario 1:


Sheldon Richardson DL - A versatile DL who Quinn can move along the DL, and get the job done in a multitude of ways. 

KJ Wright LB - A much needed veteran in the LB room that would give us another leader, along with a highly productive player who is familiar with the system.


1) Cody Ford OG Oklahoma - Ford gives us an old school mauler who has all the makings of a day 1 Pro Bowler at one of the OG positions.

2) Dalton Risner RT Kansas State - Risner is a textbook RT who plays with a mean streak. Rianer would be a nice compliment bookend to Matthews.

3) Chase Winovich DE Michigan - Winovich has a high motor, and is an underrated athlete. He should turn into a good pro due to his work ethic and burat off the edge.


Scenario 2:


Trent Brown RT - A high prices FA that would give us a Pro Bowl level RT to help protect our franchise QB. Brown has produced in NE and SF, and would be a more than pleasant addition to our OL.

Dante Fowler Jr. DE - Fowler is a DE that would be cheap, but Quinn could probably get more out of him than any other coach due to mutual respect and familiarity. Fowler was productive in 2017, and would potentially be a low risk/high reward signing.


*Trade down in 1st to pick up extra 2nd*

1) Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson - Lawrence would do wonders to our defense, and his size and athleticism would open things up for our athletic LB and DE. 

2) Elgton Jenkins G/C Mississippi State - Jenkins has the skills to make a smooth transition to one of the OG spots, while also having the talent to contribute immediately. He would also give us an option as a replacement for Maxkk down the line. 

2) Mack Wilson LB Bama - Wilson is a big play, game changing LB that would compliment DeBo tremendously, and also play off the 1st round pick of Lawrence perfectly. He has a very high ceiling, and the right coaches could turn him into a versatile and highly productive pro player. 

3) Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple - Rock would give us a long term option to pair with Oliver on the boundaries. Ease him into the lineup like we did with Oliver, and have a trio of Oliver, Rock, and Kazee at NB for quite a few years. 


I know some might want to mix and match these scenarios, but I think these are 2 good offseasons we could come up with, depending on what route we would choose in FA and the draft. 

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I debated replacing Richardson/Fowler with Brandon Graham, but with Beasleys contract being in the double digits, I'm not sure we would tie that much money into the position, especially considering he us 31 y/o. I would gladly welcome the addition of Graham though. Richardson has stayed out of trouble, and would bring a nice skillset to our DL. 

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