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Nate Davis, OL, Charlotte


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NAME: Nate Davis

SCHOOL: Charlotte


POSITION: Interior Offensive Line

CLASS: RS Senior

JERSEY: No. 64


HT: 6’3

WT: 311 lbs

D.O.B.: 9/23/1996

Run Blocking – Capable of generating movement in the run game with powerful leg drive and the ability to uncoil his hips. Illustrates plenty of grip strength to sustain blocks and does well to stay square to his opponents. Works blocking angles to his advantage and battles to position his frame to create lanes.

Pass Blocking – Notably better tape working on the inside than at tackle in college. Can get sloppy with his pass sets and open the door for pass rushers to cross his face. Anchor is only average. Base will narrow and is guilty of crossing his feet. Has enough mobility to stay square. Punch is powerful and capable of stunning rushers. Tools are present but needs development.

Blocking in Space – Moves well and takes good angles to consistently connect in space with moving targets. Plays under control and does well to square up to his opponent. Highly effective as a lead blocker into the boundary and arrives to his landmarks with good timing. Outstanding vertical blocker to the second level.

Power – Has excellent power in his frame that is capable of dominating at the point of attack playing forward. He does well to finish blocks and execute with a nasty demeanor. That said, anchor is only average to absorb contact on account of an inconsistently set base that often narrows.

IQ – Aware and alert in pass pro and does well to react to pressure packages. Hips hinge fluidly which enables him to snap off blocks and help as needed. Consistently looks for and finds work in space and when uncovered. Effectively takes advantage of angels and is committed to playing with leverage.

Feet – Has good foot speed and is able to redirect his weight without laboring. With that said, taking better pass set angles will lead to him more consistently framing rushers on deeper drops. Will get his feet crossed up and not set wide enough. Takes good angles in the run game and when working in space.

Hands – Hands are heavy and powerful. Does well to lock up opponents and fit his hands. Grip strength is outstanding. Punch timing can stand to improve and hand carriage is sometimes low. Has the pop in his punch to stun rushers.

Balance – Contact power and balance is generally good but he is guilty of narrowing his base and crossing his feet. Absorbing power can be problematic when his base narrows. Plays with great leverage but his weight will get too far forward and he folds at the waste. Finds himself on the ground a fair amount and he doesn’t have great body control.

Versatility – Has played both guard and tackle in college but his optimal fit in the NFL comes inside at guard. Projects most favorably to a gap/power scheme but isn’t a fish out of water on zone runs although he is less effective.

BEST TRAIT – Run Blocking

WORST TRAIT – Body Control


Davis is a powerful blocker with the mobility needed to win space, making him ideally suited for playing offensive guard in a gap/power run blocking scheme. While his movement skills and power are appealing traits, developing consistency with his footwork and base is needed for him to find success. Despite getting work at both guard and tackle in college, his best fit in the NFL comes at offensive guard. Davis should be able to factor in the lineup initially as a utility blocker and compete for a starting job by Year 2/3. His ability to earn a starting gig is contingent on cleaning up his footwork that cause issues with balance and pass sets.


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