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Ed Oliver or Christian Wilkins


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Oliver is going to either be the next Donald(highly unlikely) or he is going to be a big DE playing inside on sub packages. I just cant see a 280 lbs DT being great in this league....especially if he is not great as a pass rusher. 

Wilkins is much much safer.  Look at Quinns history or even Falcons draft history. Very very rarely have we ever taken a DT under 300 lbs and if so maybe 5 lbs. Not 20 lbs under. 

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Trade down get Dexter Lawrence bottom of the first. That would set up the rest of a highly successful draft. Either 2 second round picks or an additional 3rd round. Especially if we can offload Beasley in the process. Your next 2 picks you go BLA: Best Lineman Available. Simple. We don't need to focus on skill players much if at all in the top half of the draft. 2015 draft surprised people but ended up being one of our best because they didn't follow status quo: THE FALCONS PICKED UP THEIR GUYS. Just keep doing that I would think. The culture at this point still needs growth. We are not finished product as a team. That's just what it is.

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