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Some y'all clearly forgotten what alford can do

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Given his age and his most recent season; at a skill position, he is at risk of being cut due to his contract compared with our cap situation.

He could be a restructure candidate or kept on for a chance to rebound; giving Oliver another year to battle it out.

If coaches believe in Oliver enough and don’t see the point in keeping Rocky on the cap for $8M he is possibly gone.

We are in a critical year with more choices possible but more risks/rewards with those choices. Compare that to last FA period when we had to let Poe walk and Fusco was our biggest FA signing.

We were perceived as a team without many holes last offseason after FA and entering the draft; save for 1T.

Turns out we got concerns all up in our front 7 and OL.

Oh, and was there mention decisions on depth grooming at TE/RB/yes outside CB/possibly FB?

Alford is a guy to give a shot to rebound but it won’t matter if we can’t fix the front 7. Re-structuring Alford for a modest savings towards the cap has to be a consideration at minimum; as one of the older vets to try to restructure given their play falling off and having viable replacements on hand.

Depth is always a concern but that’s mostly an injury worry and even if it was Alford going down and Oliver stepping up you are right back in the same situation. Develop outside CB talent, but front 7 and OL are the glaring holes.

Reed may be another cut. Schraeder as well, but his contract isn’t as easy to get out of compared to Alford or Reed; while Rocky stands to free up the most gains in cap space.

He has one more year or 2 at max as it is realistically.

First, he has to be kept and then not lose his starting job. So, you paying a backup $8M?


Its a financial and sober decision on whether to keep him or not.

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