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Which NFL QB has the biggest "kale"

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My current day top 5 QBs are as follows

1. Tom Brady - He is the GOAT. Time and time again this guy has produced on the biggest stage. TB makes everyone around him a better player.

2. Patrick Mahomes - He's a playmaker with a big arm and creativity. In the short time he has been in the league, he has lit it up.

3. Drew Brees - He is a playmaker, and smart QB. He is highly competitive, and still a talented QB. He can run up the score on the best defenses at times.

4. Russell Wilson - I like him for almost the same reason as I like Mahomes. Plus he can carry his team at times.

5. Arron Rodgers - He is accurate, and he makes defense pay for their mistakes. He knows how to extend a play. 

The rest of the top ten

6. Matt Ryan - The homer in me puts him above Big Ben.

7. Ben Rothleisberger

8. Phillip Rivers

9. Deshaun Watson

10. Matt Stafford


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