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ATL.png14. Atlanta Falcons Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson.

When you have Grady Jarrett why not add a second Clemson defensive tackle with him? Two Clemson defensive tackles are better than one Clemson defensive tackle.



Florida's Jachai Polite a more stout than a Montez Sweat or a Josh Allen. He is a very good pass rusher though. He recorded 45 tackles, 11 sacks, six forced fumbles and four pass deflections last season. The Falcons' season was derailed with a slew of unforeseen injuries. Polite can step in immediately and start for the Falcons.


ATL.png14. Atlanta Falcons: Devin White, LB, LSU

Devin White is arguably the top linebacker in this draft and the Falcons need to as many top caliber players as they can find. White is known for his ability to pursue in both the pass and run game, but will need to develop instinctually at the next level.

ATL.png14. Atlanta Falcons Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson

The Falcons have had success turning to the Tigers for defensive linemen, and they should consider going back to Clemson for big space-eater in Lawrence (6-4, 351 pounds). Grady Jarrett is a priority re-sign for their defensive line before he becomes a free agent in March, but they need a run-stuffer to put between him and the edge-rushing Vic Beasley.


ATL.png14. Atlanta Falcons: Ed Oliver, DT, Houston 

no info


 ATL.pngAtlanta Falcons: Jeffery Simmons, DE/DT, Mississippi State MississippiState_logo.gif 
The Falcons were expected to address their defensive line during the draft, but the spend too much energy doing it. They'll need to make amends for that next spring. Jeffrey Simmons is an extremely disruptive interior force, but was found guilty of simple assault charges. He could be a top-five pick if teams are fine with his off-the-field issues, as he has an amazing blend of power and athleticism. 

Pick change; previously Christian Wilkins, DT 

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Just a thought, rather than giving Vic 12 million ( you think his attorney is going to give up 4 mill a year for the home team) why not draft 6:6 Montrez Sweat? He is impressive at Senior Bowl practices. Has great SEC stats. Some think he is playing his way to a top 10 draft. In the 2nd round an OL (pray that Dillard slips through or maybe Lindstrom. In the 3rd take your big DT like that big DT D. Mack who has been pushing people around. Or take

Auburn's D. Russell or that guy doing flips at 320 lbs. with one of the 4ths and Oklahoma's  Dru Sambia. Take Lamont OC from UGA in the 5th?

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1 hour ago, FalconinPA said:

I want Oliver at 14, but would be more than happy with Simmons. 

Either would be fine by me. I just think Simmons has more of a NFL body on him out of the gate. We'll probably know a lot more about who'll be in our wheel house once the combine is done. All these teams fall in love with numbers more than their eyes, so hopefully that'll be good news for us.

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2 hours ago, runshoot said:

coffee hasnt kicked in.  Can someone translate this for me?

"The Falcons were expected to address their defensive line during the draft, but the spend too much energy doing it"

Haha. I read this when it first dropped on Walter. I must've read it 20 times trying to figure out what on earth they were trying to say. 

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33 minutes ago, vafalconfan said:

I keep seeing Oliver to the Falcons on some mocks (which I would love) but i just do not see him falling that far.

While I know Oliver isn’t Aaron Donald,  just the existence of Donald makes similar type athletes money and makes GMs really ponder.    NO, Oliver won’t make it out of Top 10.

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