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We need a compilation of all the no calls the Saints have had in their favor

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There is not enough bandwidth on this site to pull the amount of footage needed from NFL Films to fulfill your request. In fact, if Captain Kirk was given this assignment as his crew's 5-year mission, that wouldn't be enough time. Scotty would have to take the warp drive offline because the amount of content pulled from every time Julio or Roddy got suplexed four seconds before the ball got there or John Abraham tacked by offensive linemen with an official in plain view but no flag thrown alone would severely damage the Enterprise's circuitry...

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19 minutes ago, ParanoidAndroid said:

Other teams are chiming in. Saw some others on Twitter yesterday. 


Vikings and Panthers fans posted some. 

It's like I said, we as Falcons fans know the Saints are a trash, now everybody else is seeing it. Refs making bad calls against teams that they are playing, and it cool, make one call against that helps you miss the super bowl and you cry foul? Get tha **** out of here.

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